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Hello, all-

I am a filmmaker with my own series of disorders (compulsive disorders, eating disorders) who is now making a film based on a girl with OCD. We will be creating more of her inner workings with the film than just setting on a plot/story line. So far, the idea is that my main is obsessed with counting... everything's come on me rather quick, so I don't have a lot to offer.

My concern is - I will be submitting this to many festivals - and I don't want to misrepresent or stereotype OCD in any fashion. If anybody has a compulsive disorder and would like to answer a few questions and give me a short synopsis of their life, I would be beyond thankful. You would be playing a major role in helping us in our process and also opening eyes to being trapped in certain disorders.

Give me a shout back so we can be in contact! Thank you!!!
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