wailingwarhol (wailingwarhol) wrote in disorders,

can i be a schizoid and a narcissist?

is it possible to be a schizoid as well as suffer (i don't mean suffer
but it's the only word that makes sense here) from narcissistic
personality disorder.

it's because i identify with a lot of symptoms of narcissistic
pers...... and even though some of the symptoms crossover to the
schizoid, i also identify with the ones that don't.

if you're thinking i'm probably a narcissist and not a schizoid, that
just ain't true. with the schizoid diagnosis, i identify with every
single thing that's written about it, and if someone wanted to
'understand' me, i'd go tell them to read the wikipedia entry for

i think it must be possible to be schizoidal narcissist because the
disorders don't seem to contradict one another, and probably because
the human condition is complex enough to accommodate the two and maybe
even more.
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