wailingwarhol (wailingwarhol) wrote in disorders,

friendships and an armada of other ships

I think my tendency to blog and create 'virtual relationships' comes from the fact that I'm very uncomfortable with the kind of friendships I create (or for that matter anyone else creates) in real life. The uncomfortableness comes from my idea of what friendships should be: in that each person should give each other enough room to exercise their freedom whilst also not imposing any emotional or physical bounds on the friendship, so each person in the friendship is not responsible for the other nor should either one be expected to behave in a certain manner in any given situation. So I guess what I'm trying to get at is that there should be unlimited freedom in friendships and for that matter all relationships. But I guess having said all this, this is probably a counter-definition to what friendships and relationships are all about, and I have to tell you, I don't understand interpersonal relationships,.........and yes, I do have friends, only a couple, and we're really close, and yes again, the friendship handles the way I've described above. But I think from my friends perspective, they perceive the friendship as not very close and even though I consider them to be my best friends, I'm pretty certain it's not reciprocated.

The perks of being a schizoid.
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