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Compulsive Skin Picking

Below I have a link to a cause I created through Facebook. Many people with BDD and/or OCD, along with myself, suffer from compulsive skin picking. Not a lot of people are joining the cause and for the people who have joined, they do not recruit others to the cause. I have a goal of raising a stink about this and being heard so that we feel more free, not as ashamed.

Psychogenic/ Neurotic Excoriation:

- Psychogenic Excoriation (Compulsive Skin Picking)

We need to break the stigma and speak out for ourselves, to get the chance to communicate with people who understand us instead of wasting our time with people who will forever condemn us. Be well, take care, and know that there really really isn't an oncoming train from the light at the end of the tunnel.

For other sufferers there is a Livejournal group called csp_support, just to spread the word around. It would be so much appreciated if you joined, and absolutely phenomenal if you could recruit others to the cause. I want sufferers out there to know that they aren't alone.
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