Bohemian Vegan (bohemianvegan) wrote in disorders,
Bohemian Vegan

racing thoughts

My mind never shuts off. I am always thinking. I find it hard to concentrate and I often have trouble sleeping. I know I have above average intelligence (I was in the National Honor Society and I have a 3.1 GPA in college. I took college classes at age 16). Yet I can't concentrate, I hardly studied while getting my undergrad, yet passed nearly every class but two.
I sometimes get very depressed. I have had thoughts of suicide for at least ten years. I have never been serious about it, but those thoughts nagged me. I also sometimes get giddy and impulsive. I find it hard to organize tasks, ideas, or anything. I have been fired twice for being scatterbrained and unmotivated. I feel that I am losing it.
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