::Jess//[jeblue] (subbotnik) wrote in disorders,

Psychologist Splitting.

Who the fuck does that stupid bitch ass psychologist think she is, telling me that I am bringing my whole family down and destroying my life??? she doesn't know me, at all. She knows I have BPD, why would she say such things?? doesn't she know that, that would make me hate her fucking guts and never go back to her again??? Doesn't she know that saying shit like that to me, will make me injure myself??? I thought she wanted me to not do that. Fuck her. I hope she realized that when I stormed out of the office crying, that I was never, ever coming back.

I was literally in her office, grinding my teeth, trying so hard NOT TO EXPLODE into rage and throw a fucking chair at her.

my parents are trying to FORCE me to go back.
if they do, she is going to get a piece of my mind.

I used to love her.

now I hope she dies.
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